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Shawn Wood

WEBSITE – www.shawnwoodwrites.com

Shawn Wood (@ShawnWood) is the experiences pastor at multisite Seacoast Church and author of 200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One(Abingdon) and Wasabi Gospel (Abingdon). As experience pastor, he helps create Spirit-filled (yet not creepy) kind of mystical connections with God on 13 campuses and the Web. As an author (when he has lots to say), he writes books, but he also opines often in 140 characters on Twitter and a few more characters his blog. You can visit his website at www.shawnwoodwrites.com.

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Speaking Topics ::

*You are an Artist (derived from 200 Pomegranates and an audience of One)
Based on the story of Huram in I Kings 7
-Everyone is an artist – what are you creating
-Get great at something, Do something, Invest in things that last, do it to an audience of One, finish well

*So Jesus, what do I do when I am all out of limbs (derived from Wasabi Gospel)
-There are tiny scriptures that hit you like a Wasabi Punch (www.wasabigospel.com)
-One of them is Matthew 5:29 – the whole cut you body parts off deal
-If it were only that easy – but I could be a mute, armless jerk – it’s a heart issue
-We have to be ready to be vicious without own sin, gracious with others win and

*Messy, Organic, Erratic, Sporadic (derived from article in Neau Magazine http://ow.ly/hGIv)
-Spiritual growth is not structured.  You cant plan it control it.  It happen in the messy, it’s organic, often Erratic and sporadic.

*Dedicated fools or Devoted Friends
-Proverbs speaks a lot about friends and fools
-We have to choose which we will have
-Often we have dedicated fools in our lives rather than devoted friends