This info is current and was updated on April 2010.

My advertisement info is inspired by Carlos because I always think rip-off is both flattery and smart.

I am glad that you have some interest in my wife getting to stay at home with my two babies more.  I know that is not why you are here, but it is why I am glad that you are here.

So now that you know why I have advertisers on my blog, lets chat about what is in it for you.

Because money is always has the potential for questions…I have a full-disclosure statement here.

Now to the good stuff.
My blog is written with a few folks in mind.   Church staff (including decision makers), business-to-church vendor partners, creative types and web 4.0 type folks (web 2.0 is so old we are going for the future here)

This blog is not the most read blog in the church niche.  In fact I would guess that the overall numbers of page view and unique hits are just a fraction of other blogs you can advertise on.  But we are a tribe. and what I know about my readers is that they are thinkers who sit in positions of needing to be creative on demand, decide fast and most of all are looking to the web for answers on how to grow their church and get the right things done. If you can help them in that cause, I think you will be a great fit as a partner.

My readers are smart.  they don’t blindly trust me to the point of just doing what I say no matter what.  I would hope you would want a smarter customer than that – but I am very confident that they will look into any suggestions I have.  I guard that trust like crazy.

As of this posting I have over  2500 Twitter followers and am the top twitter profile in my little city of Mount Pleasant, SC.

So I say all that to say this:  As an advertiser (I like to think of you as a partner), you can reach a growing blog audience with the potential for a win/win for you and my readers at what I think it a very reasonable rate.

If you are interested you can jump right – just email

Below are the advertising opportunities I have available.  If you can think of other ways that would be a win for my readers (like free SWAG and Registrations etc. for them) please let me know.

125×125 Pixel Ad Spot


8 spots in the sidebar

125px x 125px advert in left hand column on ALL pages

Price – $300 USD / quarter

250×250 Pixel Ad Spot

SPOTS AVAILABLE:  2 spot (in left sidebar on all pages)

250px x 250px premium ad site-wide (actual size needed is 266×266)

Price – $450 USD / quarter

– See more at: