An inefficient great experience.

Sometimes we need an experience to be great.
Sometimes we just need to be efficient.

Though we all lean into one of these, the truth is both of these statement exist in life everyday.

Experience, I am sad to admit is not everything.  It’s a thing, just not everything.
And as much as my choleric “D” personality would like it to be true, sometimes being simply efficient is not the win either.

The key is to manage the tension.  Ship with the best experience possible.

My wife worked in a dental office one time where the experience won out over efficiency.

The dentist had massage chairs, soft music playing on comfortable head phones and smells of incense wafting through the office.  It was a great experience.  Because he believed in the experience he asked Connie, who was a very skilled and experienced Hygienist, to take the full hour on the cleaning so that people could get the whole experience.

People want efficiency at the dental office.  A good enough experience in as little time possible.
That dentist is no longer in practice.

I wonder if there are experiences you are creating for people where efficiency would be better?  For example, I just want to know what time your services start on your website – I don’t need to experience flash video and have smells come out of my speakers (I know that’s not possible but some churches would do it if it were – I promise).

Sometimes experiences suffer because you’re being so efficient.  I have seen ushers yell at people to get them to the seats faster cause we have to pack em’ in – hurry, hurry, hurry!

Tensions are great is we are aware of them and manage them.