Four Things We Do Well That You Should, Too

We don’t do everything right at Freedom Church—that is for sure.  I lead a terrible staff meeting (I am working on it), I rarely remember to tell people where the offering boxes are (we don’t pass a plate), and from time to time, I probably preach a little long (50 minutes on average, but who is counting?). But there are four things I think we do very well that you should do too.

1. We have Freedom.

Okay, so that’s an easy one since it’s our namesake, but we really embrace this. I can honestly say that our church lives in freedom.  Freedom to not be legalistic, freedom to try new things to reach people, freedom to teach without fear, freedom to be ourselves.  I love watching the people of Freedom engage with this new-found freedom and live in freedom everyday.

2. We have fun. 

Freedom brings on fun. We don’t shy away from a joke, we think worship should cause you to move a little and be moved, and we smile  because we mean it.  I actually look forward to being at church every Sunday, and so does our team, so we decided to tell our face and act like it!

3. We have faith.

We seek God for some pretty audacious goals as a church and then we ask him to do more than we can ask or imagine.  We talk about big hairy, audacious goals from the stage, in emails, and we don’t shy away from saying them out loud   Like right now we have a goal of 600 people in average attendance by the end of 2013 and a total of 100 baptisms as a church in our short two years.  We started the year at 350 in attendance and right now we sit at about 425 average with 75 baptisms.  For those scoring at home we are tracking pretty good, but it’s going to take some major league faith in a God who can do more than we expect. He has proven himself over and over again.

4. We ask for favor.

We truly believe that God wants us to help everyone in Berkeley County who is far from him but close to us find freedom in Christ.  We also know that God gets the last word in everything and so we have asked him to use us, grant us favor, and let us make an impact in our county.  We have prepared as best we can, we are growing, and we are ready to be used even as frail as we are, so we think we should ask God to let us go big and die with our boots on!