Discipleship Doesn’t Equal Leadership

If you have a small group structure at your church, chances are you are focusing heavily on the idea of discipleship. While discipleship is incredibly important, I think sometimes we focus on it at the expense of leadership development. The two are intricately linked together yet different. And developing leaders is essential to the long term growth and health of your church. 

Leadership development is much more than asking someone to volunteer on a Sunday morning or even to be in charge of a volunteer team. Position and responsibility alone aren’t going to develop someone as a leader. That development process requires relational intentionality and mentorship.

Knowing where to start with developing leaders can be overwhelming and a bit daunting. At Freedom Church, we’ve adopted the idea of a leadership pipeline as a foundational system for leadership development. 

This week I want to share what our leadership pipeline looks like at Freedom Church and a few valuable resources you can use as you develop your own leadership pipeline. The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership-Powered Company is a great place to start thinking about this idea. Mac Lake also does a great deal of writing on the idea of a leadership pipeline.

How are you currently developing leaders?