What’s Next?

Once you have your launch weekend behind you, the challenge is to fulfill the promise and meet the expectations you’ve set from that first experience.

Follow up with your visitors, using whatever methods of connection you set up. We send a letter to first-time visitors, thanking them for coming and encouraging them to return and get plugged in further.

Rehash the details of the experience with your team, from the placement and process of your first-time visitor station to your song choices and stage setup. Analyze the flow of energy during worship, a product of song tempo, order, and transitions. Did momentum build and relax at the moments you intended?

Your first six months after launch will be a time of immense growth—both in terms of numbers, as word spreads and momentum builds, and in your learning and improvement of all areas of ministry. We invested in a good children’s curriculum. We started shooting our own videos, offering more creative elements for worship and relatable moments people could connect with. We learned to start using our own stories, finding people within the church with inspiring experiences to share—a member who had overcome a drug addition, a marriage in crisis and lives spiraling out of control.

We learned from mistakes as we went and built on the successes. But if you’ve shared a compelling vision and worked the soil, the harvest will grow.