Tips for Changing YOUR World

This list is by no means exhaustive, but I wanted to share a few practical steps you can take to start changing YOUR world today instead of being frustrated that you can’t change THE world.

Do for One What You Wish You Could Do for Many
Rather than lamenting about the fact that the world has problems, solve that problem for one. Remember that just because you can’t help everyone doesn’t mean you can’t help someone.

Be Consistent in Your Serving
Rather than dreaming about serving in a big way, serve faithfully at your church in small ways. Remember that it’s the long obedience that makes an impact in the long run.

Honor the Past Leaders
Young people today seem to think no one has ever loved God and loved people the way they do. That’s a very arrogant place to be. Remember that the leaders of the past were serving God and took the ball a long way down the field. Honor their impact and legacy as you seek to change YOUR world.

Do Something
Stop waiting for God to tell you what to do and go do something. If you’re not doing something contrary to His will, then you are are living in His will, fulfilling His purpose for your life. Don’t let the fear of not doing something grand paralyze you from doing anything at all. Just do something to change YOUR world.

What helpful tips for changing YOUR world would you add to this list?